The layout of a change room should be logical and straightforward so that it’s easy to memorize. The flooring should have a non-slip finish to minimize any hazard from water tracked in from a shower or swimming pool. A non-glare floor finish makes it easier to see any water that may be on the floor.

Throughout a change room, provide a clear path of travel that’s 1,200 mm wide when measured between the full operating depth of all fixtures, walls and furniture (e.g., from a locker door open at 90 degrees to the leading edge of a bench). A 920 x 1,200 mm space should be provided at the end of benches to allow for guide dogs. Signage should indicate that the space is reserved for this purpose.

Follow Colour and Brightness Contrast principles outlined in this website to highlight all furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Proper signage should be placed beside all entrances to pools, sports facilities, saunas and shower areas. Further information is provided in the signage section.