Doors should not swing into a path of travel. If power doors do swing into the path of travel, install guardrails perpendicular to the walls that contain the doors and ensure these guardrails are detectable by a long cane user at ground or floor level.

Both leaves of double doors should be unlocked and operable. This is particularly important for guide dog handlers. Where possible, avoid using a centre post with double doors.

Don’t use double-acting doors, which swing beyond the normally closed position.

Hydraulic or spring door closers should be set up to take at least three seconds when the door is closing from a 90-degree open position to a partially closed position of about 12 degrees. This will accommodate people who may walk at a slower pace.

Doors and door frames should contrast in colour and brightness from their immediate surroundings. Door edges and jambs should not be excessively sharp.

Where possible, consider using sliding doors.